Music at Leasowes Bank

Music at Leasowes Bank is one of England’s remotest music festivals. About ten miles to the south of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, between the dramatic rocky outcrops of the Stiperstones and the Long Mynd is Leasowes Bank Farm where, each summer, concerts covering a diverse range of music are held in a converted barn.

The atmosphere is informal and the location stunning. Each year a new work is commissioned; the composers are drawn from all genres of music and have included Howard Blake, Michael Nyman, Geoffrey Bush, Bob Wilber, Diana Burrell, Neil Ardley, John Mayer Gwilym Simcock, Huw Warren, Huw Watkins, James Francis Brown and David Matthews.

We’ve supported Music at Leasowes Bank from the outset. From acting a treasurers, supporting on publicity and painting their sponsors’ wall to serving wine at the bar, it’s an extraordinary event hidden away in the Shropshire Hills pioneering new music and bringing it to the sticks, and we look forward to supporting it every year.

Find out about this year’s event here.

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