Comedy in the Castle

A little bit in love with our comedy line up? Yes, yes we are.         aaaaaaaaaand, for musical genius     AND all raising money for Severn Hospice….that’s a good night out!

Running shoes and scraped knees

Racing along the length of those long marquees that look like ships pitched in the castle was a heady thrill at the age of 4, when scrambling over the castle with scraped knees and tangled hair was the height of adventure. 21 years later, and the running’s got a bit faster (though perhaps not as…

Getting nostalgic

Ludlow Castle Festival of Crafts…an event we still miss. We’ve been poking through the boxes and riffling through files and enjoying remembering photoshoots for the leaflet, sleepy early summer mornings in the castle, juggling in the sunshine and storytelling in the rain.